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Your Hot Air Balloon Experience

Please read the following information carefully!

****72 Hours’ Notice REQUIRED to change, cancel, and or reschedule a flight that is booked and confirmed****

How to check weather conditions:

  • Sunrise Flights (AM):
    Call our WEATHER HOTLINE NUMBER any time after 4:30 AM the day of your flight to check the Flight status at 1-800-723-5884. Arrive 30 minutes prior to launch time.
  • Sunset Flights (PM):
    Call our WEATHER HOTLINE NUMBER 2 hours’ prior to your flight time, the day of your flight, to check the Flight status at 1-800-723-5884Arrive 30 minutes prior to launch time.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Details:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to launch time.
  • All balloon flights are approximately 1 hour. Plan on spending 2.5 to 3 hours with us for balloon setup and transportation back to the launch point.
  • Bring your camera! There will be many opportunities for photos. Our crew members are excellent photographers and would love to help you capture your special moment.
  • Transportation back to your launch point is provided in our comfortable, air-conditioned van. After you arrive back at your launch point, join the pilot and crew for a champagne toast and a light snack.
  • After your flight, receive a flight certificate suitable for framing.

Launch Sites

Lancaster County:

2727 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

Latitude: 40.038746 Latitude: -76.176968

Chester County:

1205 Pottstown Pike
Glenmoore, PA, 19343

Latitude: 40.117113 Longitude: -75.694961

Bucks County:

2400 Street Road
New Hope, PA 18938

Latitude: 40.347607 Longitude: -75.029860

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Time? Flight is 1 hour in the air and the total experience is about 2-3 hours. The crew will prepare for flight, launch, track, and meet us wherever we land and return the balloon and all passengers to the launch site.
  • What to wear? Comfortable sportswear. It’s always 5 to 10 degrees warmer up in the balloon, so don’t overdress. Sneakers or hiking shoes for support, no sandals, heels, or open toe shoes. We also suggest to wear or bring a hat.
  • What to Bring? Camera of some sort (check your memory space). Leave purses and large bags on the ground or with the Crew.
  • I’m afraid of heights. Will ballooning bother me? No. There is no physical connection between the earth and the balloon such as there is in a tall building. This complete freedom seems to alleviate any apprehension or anxiety.
  • Is there a feeling of motion in the balloon? No. The balloon moves at the same speed as the wind. There is no feeling of motion. The sensation of ballooning is the complete absence of sensation. “Tranquil”, “Calm”, “Relaxing”, are the words used most often by our passengers to describe ballooning.
  • Post Flight? The ground crew will meet us wherever we land and bring us back to the launch site for a celebration of flight. Champagne, soda, water, and light snacks are served.
  • Team Gear? T-Shirts, sweatshirt hoodies, ball caps and cloisonné pins are available.
  • Tipping? Gratuities are not included in flight certificate pricing, and should be extended to crew persons individually.
  • Restrooms? Plan on hitting a restroom before your arrive to the Launch Site. Depending on the time of year, there may not be a restroom available.

Release of liability form:

You will be required to read & sign our release of liability form upon arrival or you can print and bring along. 18 years of age and up can sign / 17 years of age and below must have a co-signer.

Ballooning advice:

Sunrise flights are NOT cancelled as much as sunset flights are. Weather is just better more often in the morning hours.

Office hours:

Monday thru Friday – 9AM-5PM / Saturday – 10AM-2PM / Sundays – office closed but flights still operate

Rescheduling a cancelled flight:

Simply call us here at the office at 800-763-5987 with your certificate number(s) handy.

Terms & Conditions:

Flight Certificates do NOT expire and can be used at any time to book and or reschedule.
Flight Certificates are refundable for a period of 6 months from the purchase date LESS 15% of the total.
Flight Certificates are transferable to anyone to use to book a flight.
72 Hours’ Notice is required to change, cancel, and or reschedule a flight that is booked and confirmed.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank You,

US Hot Air Balloon Team