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Your Gettysburg Hot Air Balloon Experience

No other Gettysburg tours offer the amazing views you’ll get to see.

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Explore the beauty and history of Gettysburg - From Above!

Want something fun to do near historical Gettysburg? A hot air balloon ride will give you a new perspective.

Gettysburg, PA is home to the northernmost battle of the Civil War and was the “Highmark of the Revolution.” The rolling hills and historical monuments make for views like no other place in America. Millions come every year to tour these tranquil and sacred grounds. There are many ways to tour the fields of Gettysburg, but none offer the amazing views or exclusive experience that a hot air balloon provides. From romantic private tours to fun shared rides, come along with us and explore Gettysburg in a new and exciting way!

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Gettysburg, PA Tourist Attraction

Shared Gettysburg Hot Air Balloon Ride

Soar high over the historical monuments and tranquil battlefields

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Romantic Things to Do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Private Gettysburg Hot Air Balloon Flight

Perfect for dates, anniversaries, engagement, and weddings

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The United States Hot Air Balloon Team
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Tour Gettysburg - From Above!

The tours start from the Lodges at Gettysburg on the west side of the park. Plan on spending 2.5 to 3 hours with us for your hot air balloon adventure from start to finish. The experience starts on the ground where you will be able to assist the crew in the set up of the hot air balloon. All of our crew are very capable smartphone photographers and will be available to take photos of you and your friends during the entire experience.


What You'll See

During the flight, you’ll be treated to magnificent views of the surrounding Gettysburg area, such as:

  • Battlefields
  • Gettysburg landmarks (ex. Little Round Top and the Eisenhower National Historical Site)
  • You'll also be able to see into Maryland.
  • On a clear day, you may even get to see the outline of Baltimore's skyline and the Chesapeake Bay!

After your flight, you’ll return to your launch point in a comfortable air-conditioned van and be treated to a light snack and champagne toast. You’ll also receive an official flight certificate suitable for framing.

Book online today or call our office at (800) 763-5987 with any and all questions about this amazing experience!


Fun & Romantic Things to Do in Gettysburg, PA

So, if you're looking for something fun to do outside or a romantic date idea in Gettysburg, enjoy a peaceful and memorable hot air balloon ride!

Private flights are perfect for:

  • Date activity (they’ll be on cloud nine)
  • Anniversary celebrations (reminisce while floating gently through the air)
  • Engagements (propose in the air!)
  • Weddings (get married in the air – seriously!)
  • Client Appreciation (they won’t remember that gift basket anyway…)
  • Employee Appreciation (lunch just isn’t nearly as memorable!)
  • Potential Clients (stand out from competitors…)
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Sharon Chambers
Sharon C.
15:40 10 Sep 19
My husband surprised me with a hot air balloon ride.It was amazing. We can’t say enough about the team and our pilot.These guys are professional, helpful and know what there doing.We went up in Lancaster PA, last week.Thank you all for a wonderful time.read more
Brittany Nash
Brittany N.
23:00 01 Sep 19
What an amazing experience! Worth every penny! The crew was very professional and kind. Even let the Amish kids who were watching us land help put the balloon away. Will definitely do this again!
Jeannette Kirkpatrick
Jeannette K.
18:00 24 Aug 19
We had a great time! The scenery was awesome and the flight team really knew what they were doing. Thx for the adventure!
Brian R. Tolbert
Brian R. T.
23:40 02 Aug 19
Great pilots, fantastic trip.
Colleen Mulvey Holmes
Colleen Mulvey H.
18:35 02 Aug 19
Very professional organization. Extremely special adventure. Beautiful, exciting and relaxing at the same time.
Lisa Layman
Lisa L.
00:39 17 Jul 19
Professionalism, informative and knowledgeable.
Mary Richardson
Mary R.
21:56 16 Jul 19
I would love to win the ride on the hot air balloon ... I could then give the pilots a high score for the ride of a life time ! The United States Hot Air balloonists must be a highly qualified team... The date noted to win the ride is actually one day before our 30 th anniversary... What a terrific & awesome way to help us celebrate!!! Please pick us !!read more
Ruth Frey Mallinson
Ruth Frey M.
17:40 25 Jun 19
My husband and I began our Retirement with a balloon ride on June 24, 2019. It was beautiful and we would enjoy doing it again. The Pilots were great and the whole team was very courteous and helpful! I would highly recommend this company and team!!
Kara Mullins
Kara M.
02:32 25 Jun 19
Absolutely loved our flight in Gettysburg! Awesome crew and pilot & great views! 😍
Beth Royer Gainer
Beth Royer G.
09:49 24 Jun 19
The Crew were so friendly and helpful, we had a delightful time. The weather finally cooperated after a few postponements! The kids in the neighborhood, where we landed will have lots to talk about for quite a while.
Jenn Graybill
Jenn G.
18:10 12 Jun 19
Great flight crew, very instructional and insightful. The weather, views & ride could not have been better! Professional & experienced!
Melissa Martin Samen
Melissa Martin S.
19:41 08 Jun 19
Great experience and friendly crew.!
Michael Sheely
Michael S.
15:02 25 May 19
Just a 1st Class experience all the way around. Great service, great team, great company, and a great way to start this Memorial Day weekend. As Arnold says, "I'll be back!"
Tricia Territo
Tricia T.
13:23 07 Apr 19
The balloon ride and crew were great! Highly recommend everyone go and do this!
Kayla Brennan
Kayla B.
22:49 14 Mar 19
My boyfriend & I did a ride over Lancaster in 2003. Amazing experience!!! One of my favorite cherished memories 🤗 I am even afraid of heights but the hot air balloon felt like there was a photo reel of beauty scrolling under our basket. Spend the money. DO THIS!!!read more
Dora S Castillo
Dora S C.
13:26 03 Mar 19
Both my husband & had a peaceful sunrise flight with Jesse Newcomer. We departed from Pottstown.Jesse and his crew were very professional and informative. We had an amazing time! They were all outgoing & we had fun hanging out afterwards for a little celebration🍾🥂Definitely recommend this experience.Thanks guysread more
Angelina Frances
Angelina F.
23:46 02 Feb 19
Had a phenomenal time this morning flying with Stan and Jesse! Both were professional and awesome! Not a single complaint! We’ll be back!! Thank you guys!!
Diana Bright
Diana B.
20:45 12 Jan 19
A wonderful flight and experience from start to finish. Very personable and interactive pilot and crew. A check ✅ off the bucket list and an amazing Birthday!
Robert Jenter
Robert J.
13:18 04 Jan 19
Great group of Professional Pilots. Nice. Smooth ride.
Ray Chiang
Ray C.
14:08 06 Dec 18
Great ride and great people!!
Tricia Beaver
Tricia B.
14:37 18 Nov 18
We had a great time! The guys were terrific!
John Williams
John W.
01:48 20 Oct 18
Wonderful flight, amazing views and awesome crew!!! If you're thinking about it, just do it!
Kathleen DePoister
Kathleen D.
16:39 14 Oct 18
This was a Christmas gift from my wonderful son-in-late! Finally got to do it this morning and it was a wonderful fulfillment of a lifetime dream! Lucas was our pilot and he did an amazing job. The ride was wonderful and the crew members were great!read more
Brittany Tayvin
Brittany T.
01:30 12 Oct 18
Wonderful pilots, professional & I always have a great time when I fly with them!
Jack Palmer
Jack P.
20:13 07 Oct 18
My wifeand I just took a flight on Wednesday 10/3. We wanted to do something a little different and exciting. Well, we chose the right thing to do. It was phenomenal from start to finish, office help to pilot (Lucas) , to chase team. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience . Though a little anxious before we took off, it went away as soon as we were airborne. Such a calming, relaxing, as well as exciting trip all in one. We have been the talk of our friends as soon as they heard and especially after seeing the pictures. I would highly recommend doing this to anyone. Beyond a doubt, one of the best things we have experienced. We will be backread more
Scott Patterson
Scott P.
02:31 01 Oct 18
The whole company went out of their way to make the flight awesome. The people in the office, to the chase Crew. to Jake the pilot, who's talent goes way beyond his young years. As a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne many years ago I've had a lot of experience with good and bad landing. Pilot Jake did his job of commanding the chase Crew, and us in the basket to make a great landing. I would fly with Jake anytime.read more
Keith Honeycutt
Keith H.
23:00 29 Sep 18
Awesome Flight!! Amazing Pilot!!
Randi Marshall
Randi M.
13:56 02 Sep 18
What an incredible ride! Jake was a wonderful pilot, and we had a wonderful journey over Lancaster. My husband, 14 year old daughter and I were joined by four others - and we were so impressed by the professionalism, attention to detail and hard work that went into every piece of the process, from set up to liftoff, from the glorious ride to the landing, from clean up to the toast at the end. A magical experience all around. We thoroughly recommend US Hot Air Balloon Team!read more
Linda Molesworth
Linda M.
17:06 21 Aug 18
Great adventure. Friendly helpful group that took care of us. Highly recommend this trip.
Susan Boyer
Susan B.
12:44 20 Aug 18
I loved my experience. This was a reward from my son for losing 100 pounds, He knew it was on my bucket list. So when I hit the 100 pound lost mark, he said, "ok, I will pay for the ride". Finally got the opportunity yesterday. It was fabulous and the Pilot Craig Kennedy was helpful, fun and we had a great time. Would do it again.read more
Rebecca Bloom Herring
Rebecca Bloom H.
13:43 30 Jul 18
This was on my bucket list. My kids gave it to me for my birthday present. It was the best birthday ever!!! The ride was wonderful. Views were amazing. We landed in front of an amish farm and the kids all came out to help. Talking to them and seeing their excitement topped the cake. Our pilot Jesse was the best. He has an awesome team with Jay and Mason. I could not have asked for a better day. Thank you Jesse Jay and Mason for such a great experience.read more
Tony Graves
Tony G.
12:55 05 Jun 18
Loved it would definitely recommend!
Diane Allen Smith
Diane Allen S.
16:41 27 May 18
It was fantastic and always thought it would be. Lucas was a great guy and it was a beautiful day!
Jimmy Huynh
Jimmy H.
19:21 12 May 18
US Hot-air balloon came through in the clutch! We were rained out the previous week, but Brenda was sure to get us in at the Lancaster location the day before the flight. I planned on proposing to my gf but did not know how it was going to work out. The front desk sign in person at the Lancaster location was extremely helpful with planning and coordinating with the pilot. The pilot Lucas took care of the rest and was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, funny and made the entire hot air balloon ride very comfortable and enjoyable! He took a great video and awesome pictures and couldn’t have asked for a better pilot! I highly recommend taking a hot air ballon with this group! I enjoyed every minute from the beginning to the champagne toast at the end! 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks for everything! - Jimmyread more
Shailik Sheth
Shailik S.
05:36 22 Apr 18
exceptional service! every crew member is fantastic! very nice and comfortable flight! prefer these guys anytime!
Sandra Berman
Sandra B.
12:24 23 Oct 17
Great. Trip was wonderful from beginning to end. The Captain Kyle was terrific. I already recommended the ride to my friends. I will do it again
Irene Vansant
Irene V.
20:20 01 Oct 17
Fantastic pilot, crew and flight! Highly recommend!!
Leah Katyl
Leah K.
01:48 11 Sep 17
Absolutely worth it! Jesse and crew did a wonderful job, and made our 1st anniversary celebration extra special. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Well organized, well executed, can't say enough. Thanks again!!
Melissa A DeLong
Melissa A D.
02:27 28 Aug 17
My family and I flew this past Friday out of Lancaster with pilot Lucas Hess. We had a fabulous time. The trip was beautiful, so much fun!! The entire crew was wonderful and accommodating! Highly recommended!!
Donna L Brooks
Donna L B.
23:36 20 Aug 17
My husband and I rode in a Hot Air Balloon this morning, (our first flight), and we had an awesome time! Our pilot, Kyle Laxton, and his "chase crew" were very friendly, and knowledgeable-which made our flight very memorable. We hope to return in December, for another wonderful flight!read more
Sean Rowe
Sean R.
02:22 16 Jul 17
Just landed 3 hours ago. Everything was great. We went to 6400 ft !! The captain answered all the questions asked. The chase crew workedvery hard, and brought us down to earth safely. If you have a bucket list, this better be on it. I'm afraid of heights, but had zero issues. Make sure you tip these guys, they work hard. Sean R. Wilmington, De.read more
Kenneth Dodson
Kenneth D.
22:56 09 Jul 17
Very courteous and helpful in changing date due to weather. Flight crew A+ and great flight path. Crew was glad to take photos for us and we ended flight with champagne toast and gift of souvenir US balloon team glasses. Smooth flight, no issues. Highly recommend.read more
Zorica Fitzpatrick
Zorica F.
19:18 31 May 17
Amazing experience! The Pilot and crew couldn't have been nicer. It was enjoyable from beginning to end! We loved it!
Shauna Reiter
Shauna R.
02:57 24 Apr 17
I had an amazing hot air balloon ride. It was my first time and the staff was wonderful. The sky's were clear and I had smooth ride. I'd love to do it again!
Pam Boyd
Pam B.
16:25 13 Nov 16
We had a great experience! The team was wonderful. I highly recommend the United States hot air ballon team if you are looking to have a hot air ballon adventure!
Cy Korte
Cy K.
13:57 28 Sep 16
Lancaster PA sunrise flight was a bit foggy to start and actually it made it more awesome to watch the land below peek out. Pilot Lucas Hess had a sense of humor while being informative. It was a smooth ride and a good landing.
Ozzie Mest
Ozzie M.
13:52 23 Sep 16
My wife and I were up for our second time out of Pottstown. Our pilot was Kyle, he was great. We had such an awesome flight. At one point we were at approximately 8000 feet. We loved it and look forward to doing it again. Thanks!
Brian Roland
Brian R.
04:03 12 Sep 16
awesome, totally worth it. breathtaking views.....
Elle Cook
Elle C.
20:42 18 Jul 16
The crew were super friendly and helpful. Jake, our pilot was knowledgeable and patient with all our questions. He made me laugh and feel at ease (I was a little nervous). The scenery was magnificent and the flight itself was unbelievably serene. The trip was smooth and the descent was seamless. Thank you for making our first flight something we would recommend to everyone.read more
Karen Marquette
Karen M.
13:13 30 Jun 16
I went on my first Hot Air balloon ride on June 27th. I enjoyed it tremendously. Lucas was a great pilot . He was informative and told very amusing stories from previous flights. I would go again in a heartbeat. The splendor of the Lancaster County was truly amazing to see from high above. Thanks to the whole team..read more
Awilda Chile DePatto
Awilda Chile D.
15:21 20 Mar 16
Fantastic experience. The crew was great and our Pilot, Lucas, was very knowledgeable and entertaining.
Dave Hurst
Dave H.
04:00 27 Jan 16
If you want an experience of a lifetime, or if you want to give someone an amazing gift, you need to schedule a ride with these amazing folks. Kyle was very talented, safe, and friendly, and I can't wait to schedule my next ride with The United States Hot Air Balloon Team!read more
Cora Vlug-Bot
Cora V.
18:32 13 Oct 15
Wonderful experience. Professional crew. I had a blast.
Melinda Blessing
Melinda B.
01:30 02 Oct 15
This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Early morning flight June 2011. Loved every minute of it. Lancaster County landscape truly does resemble a patch work quilt from above.
Michelle Zobka Snow
Michelle Zobka S.
00:19 13 Sep 15
When my mom and I were planning our trip to PA, we decided to cross off Hot Air Balloon Ride from the "bucket list". We couldn't have picked a better place /company to go with. Kyle was a fantastic pilot and guide, and his personality made you feel right at home with him. His ground crew (Corey and Sharon) were fantastic as well. All three went the extra mile at the end of our ride, when my mom noticed her diamond had fallen out of her ring. They all stopped their post flight duties, and we're literally on their hands and knees searching in the grass and in the basket. They never gave up looking, and they ended up finding it stuck in the weave of the basket, and then worked together to get it out. Amazing group of people...we can't thank them enough for the experience and the extra effort they put in to making it a happy memory!read more
Melissa Tishko
Melissa T.
17:01 10 Aug 15
Last night in Palmyra, Pa, we had the pleasure to see a beautiful sight. Of one of your hot air balloons came floating above our neighborhood. Realizing it was slowly starting to descend, we decided to follow it. We were able to watch the beautiful sight of the balloon "touch down"! It was amazing!As a croud gathered around, we watched in awe how the team on the ground went into action to bring the balloon down and wrap it up!The best part of this experience was how appreciative the team was to the crowd. The pilot, which I did not get his name, allowed the children to get inside the basket with him so the mom's could get pictures! Thank you to the team for being so kind and friendly to us. It's an experience the kids snd grown-up's will always remember!Regards, Melissa TishkoPlease note, I have posted some of the pictures on my fb page. Please feel free to take a look!read more
Denise Gould
Denise G.
17:14 02 Aug 15
My non husband and I went on a hot air balloon ride this morning, 8/2/15. We got there at 5:30AM and helped set up. Our flight was AWESOME. We went as high as 6000 feet and as low as just above the trees. I really want to do this again. Kyle suggested the same area but in the fall as the trees change. I am trying to get a group of people together to do that. That's just how much I would recommend doing this. Kyle and his crew were so nice and Kyle pointed things out as we flew near them.read more
Keith Trievel
Keith T.
13:11 24 Jul 15
Kinda' tentative because of cloudiness and chance of rain, but it turned out to be a great experience. Kyle is a great pilot and an extremely personable guy. My fellow fliers were interesting and a pleasure to meet. The thunderstorm that hit a few minutes after we landed added a touch more excitement to an already thrilling trip. As a big guy, I could have liked a bigger gondola or fewer people. We were really packed in there. I would do it again in a heart beat.read more
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